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Confer Call


Conference directly from your address book

Confer Call is the first service in the world to enable conference calls directly from your address book on your smartphone or tablet, making it the easy way to make a conference call. With no dial-in numbers, nor PIN’s.

Sign Up

The time of complicated procedures and passcodes for setting up a telephone meeting are over. With Confer Call a conference is a mere click away: simply select the people you want to include and with one click Confer Call calls you and them all at once. Confer Call is the easiest and cheapest way to have a meeting.

Promotion code

If you have received a promotion code for free credit, please enter this code on the registration form and the associated start budget is added to your account.


Confer Call actively calls all participants, including you. How does this work?

  1. First, mind the number Confer Call will use to call you when you start a conference. It is displayed in the upper left corner. If you want to use a different number to join the conference with, please enter it here.
  2. Select the participants in your address book and hit the green call button below.
  3. Confer Call will call you and all participants at the same time. No pin or dial-in number are needed. The organiser of the call pays all costs; 9 cents per minute per participant.
  4. You can add contacts during the call by selecting them in your address book. You can also remove contacts from the call.
  5. When finished, end the conference by hitting the red call button.
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Why Confer Call?

As we see it there are three major issues with most teleconferencing services:

  • Hidden costs. In general conference calls make use of 0800 and 0900 service numbers (we use the Dutch number ranges here, but you'll recognise the principle). To call a service number costs you an additional €0.30 to €1.50 per minute, depending on your dial plan. This is also in addition to the fee charged by the teleconference provider. With the Confer Call solution (dial-out) there are no additional costs, just the rate per minute per participant (€0,09 to most countries, slightly higher rates to more exotic destinations) per participant.
  • The dial-in procedure. People tend to be late, not to have the inbound number at hand, and mistype the passcode. We don't blame them; we think it is quite the hassle too. That is why we like our model, with Confer Call the chairman who initiates the call has full control of the dial-out to the intended participants. This takes away the dependency that you don't want.
  • Security. It is relatively easy for uninvited attendants to join an inbound conference. You only need the number and the pass code, to be able to listen in. This is a possibility we do not like at all. The dial-out solution of Confer Call fixes this. The chairman of the conference has full control of who participates, you cannot spoof a telephone number.

Therefore Confer Call. We think this is the way to conferencing, and we invite you to try it. Free of charge.

Let us know what we can improve:

Confer Call
Danzigerkade 2E
1013 AP Amsterdam, Netherlands



The Confer Call conference rates seem low, are these right?

Definitely. We work with a short distribution chain. The closer to the source, the better the rates. This eliminates third party margins, to our mutual benefit.

How do I start a conference call using Confer Call?

You will have to create an account. Use the registration form, this only takes a minute and you are rewarded with a 2 Euros starting credit to try the service. Enter contacts for the call in your address book and select them as participants for the conference. Click the green phone button to start the conference, the call is now being connected to you and all participants.

Who is billed for the conference call?

The costs of the conference call are subtracted from the credit of the account that initiates the conference.

Do I have to book a conference call in advance?

No, there is nothing to book or request; you can start a call at any given moment. Confer Call does not work with complicated inbound numbers and passcodes. Just log in to your account and select the participants for the call.

Do I need any special hardware or software?

No, you just need to visit the Confer Call website to start the call, we take it from there.

Is there a maximum duration to the conference calls?

There is not, this is completely up to you. But keep in mind you are charged per minute, as is common for telephony. We suggest trying to keep the call swift and efficient, we have included some conference tips on the site that may help.

How is the conference call terminated?

The conference call ends if the initiating user shuts the call down in the web interface, or when all participants have hung up their phone.

What are the rates per minute for the conference call?

For calls to most countries we charge €0,09 per minute and per participant regardless of the line type (fixed or mobile). Confer Call billes full minutes. For the full list click here. For more exotic countries we charge custom rates, please view the rates for the destination you would like to call on the costs page. All rates include 21% VAT.

What are the connection fees?

We do not have a connection fee.

What is the rate for sending a text message?

For a text message we charge € 0,10 per message. All rates include 21% VAT.

Do I get an invoice?

The payments are listed in your account, for every transfer an invoice is generated automatically.

Conference calls are open for participants. Does this not involve a security risk?

Using Confer Call for conference calls is 100% secure. There are no open lines where people simply can join in. The participants are called by the Confer Call system not the other way around. Hence adding yourself to a conference you are not invited to is impossible.

The site mentions the difference between dial-in and dial-out, could you explain this?

With a dial-in conference call, all participants receive an invite with the time, number and passcode of the conference, and we rely on them to join the conference using number and passcode. With dial-out, all participants are called simultaneously when the conference is initiated by the chairman. Hence there is no dependency on (the timeliness of) the participants.

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    Confer Call is easy and cheap. It is a way to teleconference free from the usual hassle of inbound numbers and passcodes that need to distributed beforehand. You can start a conference call instantly. It's great for distributed teams, be it foreign or domestic, fixed line or mobile. It can also be used for family meetings and if needed you can even mute your mother-in-law.

    Additional benefits of Confer Call include a web presentation tool, and group texting of participants before (reminder) and after the conference (meeting minutes).

    You can try Confer Call free of charge and add credit if you like the service.

    Confer Call makes teleconferencing easy and affordable. About time someone got to it.


    Many thanks for your registration.

    You will receive a text message shortly with a confirmation link.

    We hope that Confer Call will be your number one conference call provider. If you got a question please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Confer Call B.V. - Danzigerkade 2E - 1013 AP Amsterdam - The Netherlands - +31 (0) 20 205 0479 -


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      Contact details:

      +31 (0) 20 205 0479

      Destinations for which the €0.09 rate applies for both landline and mobile:

      • Argentina0.09
      • Australia0.09
      • Austria0.09
      • Bahamas0.09
      • Belgium0.09
      • Bonaire0,09
      • Brazil0.09
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      • France0.09
      • Germany0.09
      • Greece0.09
      • Hungary0.09
      • Iceland0.09
      • India0.09
      • Indonesia0.09
      • Ireland0.09
      • Italy0.09
      • Japan0.09
      • Jordan0.09
      • Kenya0.09
      • Laos0.09
      • Latvia0.09
      • Lithuania0.09
      • Luxembourg0.09
      • Malaysia0.09
      • Malta0.09
      • Mexico0.09
      • Mongolia0.09
      • Netherlands0.09
      • New Zealand0.09
      • Norway0.09
      • Paraguay0.09
      • Peru0.09
      • Philippines0.09
      • Poland0.09
      • Portugal0.09
      • Romenia0.09
      • Russia0.09
      • Saba0,09
      • San Marino0.09
      • Singapore0.09
      • Slovakia0.09
      • Slovenia0.09
      • South Africa0.09
      • South Korea0.09
      • Spain0.09
      • St. Eustatius0,09
      • St. Maarten0,09
      • Sweden0.09
      • Switzerland0.09
      • Tanzania0.09
      • Thailand0.09
      • Turkey0.09
      • United Kingdom0.09
      • United States0.09
      • Venezuela0.09
      • Vietnam0.09

      Rates for other destinations:

      • Afghanistan0.44
      • Albania0.24
      • Algeria0.24
      • Andorra0.24
      • Angola0.34
      • Antigua and Barbuda0.34
      • Armenia0.24
      • Aruba0,24
      • Azerbaijan0.24
      • Bahrain0.34
      • Bangladesh0.34
      • Barbados0.34
      • Belarus0.24
      • Belize0.34
      • Benin0.34
      • Bhutan0.34
      • Bolivia0.24
      • Bosnia and Herzegovina0.24
      • Botswana0.34
      • Brunei0.34
      • Burkina Faso0.34
      • Burma0.34
      • Burundi0.34
      • Côte d'Ivoire0.34
      • Cambodia0.24
      • Cameroon0.34
      • Cape Verde0.34
      • Central African Republic0.34
      • Chad0.34
      • Chile0.24
      • Colombia0.24
      • Comoros0.34
      • Congo - Brazzaville0.34
      • Congo - Kinshasa0.34
      • Cook Islands0.34
      • Costa Rica0.24
      • Croatia0.34
      • Cuba0.44
      • Djibouti0.34
      • Dominica0.34
      • Dominican Republic0.34
      • East Timor0.34
      • Ecuador0.24
      • Egypt0.24
      • El Salvador0.24
      • Equatorial Guinea0.34
      • Eritrea0.44
      • Estonia0.24
      • Ethiopia0.34
      • Fiji0.34
      • Gabon0.34
      • Gambia0.34
      • Georgia0.24
      • Ghana0.34
      • Grenada0.34
      • Guatemala0.24
      • Guinea0.34
      • Guinea-Bissau0.34
      • Guyana0.24
      • Haiti0.34
      • Honduras0.24
      • Iran0.44
      • Iraq0.34
      • Israel0.24
      • Jamaica0.24
      • Kazakhstan0.24
      • Kiribati0.34
      • Kosovo0.24
      • Kuwait0.24
      • Kyrgyzstan0.34
      • Lebanon0.34
      • Lesotho0.34
      • Liberia0.34
      • Libya0.34
      • Liechstenstein0.24
      • Macedonia0.34
      • Madagascar0.34
      • Malawi0.34
      • Maldives0.24
      • Mali0.34
      • Marshall Islands0.34
      • Mauritania0.34
      • Mauritius0.24
      • Micronesia0.34
      • Moldova0.24
      • Monaco0.24
      • Mongolia0.24
      • Montenegro0.24
      • Morocco0.24
      • Mozambique0.34
      • Namibia0.24
      • Nauru0.34
      • Nepal0.34
      • Nicaragua0.24
      • Niger0.34
      • Nigeria0.34
      • North Korea0.44
      • Oman0.34
      • Pakistan0.34
      • Palau0.34
      • Palestine0.34
      • Panama0.24
      • Papua New Guinea0.34
      • Paraguay0.24
      • Peru0.24
      • Qatar0.09
      • Rwanda0.34
      • Saint Kitts and Nevis0.34
      • Saint Lucia0.34
      • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines0.34
      • Samoa0.34
      • Sao Tomé and Principe0.34
      • Saudi Arabia0.24
      • Senegal0.24
      • Serbia0.24
      • Seychelles0.34
      • Sierra Leone0.34
      • Solomon Islands0.34
      • Somalia0.34
      • South Sudan0.34
      • Sri Lanka0.34
      • Sudan0.34
      • Suriname0.24
      • Swaziland0.34
      • Syria0.34
      • Tajikistan0.34
      • Togo0.34
      • Tonga0.34
      • Trinidad and Tobago0.34
      • Tunisia0.24
      • Turkmenistan0.34
      • Tuvalu0.34
      • Uganda0.34
      • Ukraine0.24
      • United Arab Emirates0.24
      • Uruguay0.24
      • Uzbekistan0.34
      • Vanuatu0.34
      • Vatican City0.24
      • Yemen0.24
      • Zambia0.34
      • Zimbabwe0.34