How should I install the app?

Just visit the app store on your mobile device and search for “Confer Call”. You will get the app right away.

Is my phone or tablet compatible?

Confer Call is available for Android and iOS and works on both tablets and smartphones.

How do I create an account?

First install the Confer Call app on your smartphone or tablet. Open the app and choose ‘Sign up’ in the welcome screen. Enter the required data in the registration form and press the ‘Sign up’ button to confirm. To verify your phone number you will receive an SMS message with a 4-digit activation code. Enter the code in the associated field and you’re done. Upon registration you receive a free 2-euro start credit to try out the app. We hope you’ll enjoy.


Please note that tablets, even tablets with a data subscription, cannot receive SMS messages. You have to verify your account using the SMS that is sent to the mobile phone number you provided when signing up.

How do I login with my current account?

To login with your Confer Call account, open the application and press the ‘Sign in’ button. In the next screen you are asked to enter your mobile phone number and the password you entered when signing up. If you lost your password, please press the “Forgot password?” link to reset your password.


In the process of resetting your password you will receive an SMS message with an activation code. Please note that tablets, even tablets with a data subscription, cannot receive SMS messages. The SMS message with activation code is sent to your mobile phone.

Can I register for Confer Call without a mobile number?

No, that is not possible. Confer Call is a smart and easy conference call service designed for use on mobile devices. We use the address book on your mobile device to give you direct access to your contacts for instant setup of every conference call. We also use you mobile phone number to verify your account.

I didn't receive my activation code, what should I do?

Please check the phone number you entered. It should be an international phone number notation. This means you first enter the country code, f.e. ‘1’ for the United States or ’91’ for India. Followed by the rest of the phone number, without spaces or other symbols.


If your number is correct and you did not receive the SMS message please contact us on

I registered a wrong phone number, what should I do?

There is nothing to worry about. In order to create an account and start using Confer Call, simply register again with the correct phone number.


Please note that you can only register an email address once. If you already registered your email address with the incorrect number, please contact us on

How do I start a conference call using Confer Call?

You will have to create an account. Use the registration form, this only takes a minute and you are rewarded with a 2 euros starting credit to try the service. Enter contacts for the call in your address book and select them as participants for the conference. Click the green phone button to start the conference; the call is now being connected to you and all participants.

How do I join a conference call from Confer Call?

You just answer the phone. Easy as that. Participants called from Confer Call receive an incoming call just as if it were a normal call from the contact initiating the conference call.

Do I have to book a conference call in advance?

No, there is nothing to book or request; you can start a call at any given moment. Confer Call does not work with complicated inbound numbers and passcodes. Just log in to your account and select the participants for the call.

Is there a maximum duration to the conference calls?

There is not, this is completely up to you. But keep in mind you are charged per minute, as is common for telephony. We suggest trying to keep the call swift and efficient; we have included some conference tips on the site that may help.

How is the conference call terminated?

The conference call ends if the initiating user shuts the call down in the web interface, or when all participants have hung up their phone.

Conference calls are open to participants. Does this not involve a security risk?

Using Confer Call for conference calls is 100% secure. There are no open lines where people simply can join in. The participants are called by the Confer Call system not the other way around. Hence adding yourself to a conference you are not invited to is impossible.

Do the conference participants also need to have the Confer Call app?

No, they do not. Unlike most other apps, the participants for the conference call do not need to have the app installed or be online. This gives you the total freedom to reach anyone on their mobile or landline anywhere in the world at any time. Also, the conference participants see it’s you as we send your mobile phone number as caller identification. So they will pick up and the conference call is on it’s way, instantly.

The Confer Call conference rates seem low, are these right?

Definitely. We work with a short distribution chain. The closer to the source, the better the rates. This eliminates third party margins, to our mutual benefit.

What are the rates per minute for the conference call?

For calls to most countries we charge € 0,05 per minute and per participant regardless of the line type (fixed or mobile). Confer Call billes full minutes. For more exotic countries we charge custom rates, please view the rates for the destination you would like to call on the Rates page. All rates include 21% VAT.

What are the connection fees?

We do not have a connection fee.

What is the rate for sending a text message?

For a text message we charge € 0,05 per message. All rates include 21% VAT.

Who is billed for the conference call?

The costs of the conference call are subtracted from the credit of the account that initiates the conference.

Where can I buy credits?

You can buy credits for Confer Call in your account on the Confer Call website, using credit cards, PayPal, online banking and more popular payment methods. You can also top-up your balance in the app. Go to your balance and press the ‘Add Credit’ button to buy credits through Apple in-app payment (iTunes) for iPhones or Google Pay for Android phones.

How can I buy credits through the website?

Buying credits on our website is easy. Go to, click the ‘Conference now’ button and enter your phone number and password to log in. Click on your balance to proceed to the ‘Add Credit’ page. After having entered the amount you would like to add to your balance, you will be presented with our payment options to finish the purchase.

Do I get an invoice?

The payments are listed in your account, for every transfer an invoice is generated automatically. Please log in to your account on the website for an overview of the invoices.

Does my balance expire after some period?

No, it does not. Your credit remains available indefinitely.

I purchased credits but did not receive them on my account. What should I do?

Sometimes it might take a little time before purchased credit show up in your account. If you have purchased credits but they are not awarded to your account an hour after your confirmed payment, please contact us on and provide us with a screenshot of your bank statement or confirmed payment to add your purchased credits to your account.

Do I have to pay roaming costs?

The call takes place over regular phone lines, so you do not have to pay any data costs when the conference call is in progress. To start the conference you have to open the app and select participants. The app uses a little data. When you are connected to Wifi, this will not cost you anything. If you are connected to mobile data over 3G/4G/LTE then your mobile provider may charge you (international) data roaming costs; please check your subscription at your mobile provider for the exact details.

I have a voucher code. How do I use it?

You can enter the code directly in the app on the ‘Add Credit’ page. The sponsor credit associated with the voucher will be added to your balance and the sponsor branding will be shown surrounding your conference calls for the duration of the credit.

I want to provide my customers with a sponsored conference call credit. What should I do?

That is great, we have the perfect solution. Please contact us at and we will get back with you on branding, volume, and sponsor balance.

I have not received my additional sponsor credit.

Sometimes it might take a little time before sponsor credit shows up in your account. If you have used a valid voucher code and the associated credit is not awarded to your account an hour after having entered the code, please contact us on and provide us with the sponsor code displayed on the voucher and the sponsor the voucher belongs to.

Do you have a bring-a-friend bonus?

No we have not. We feel it is probably your morale obligation to point Confer Call out to your friends or colleagues as it offers one of the best and most cost effective conference call experiences available.

Do I need any special hardware or software?

No, you just need to download the Confer Call app or visit the website to start the call, we take it from there.

How can I report bugs?

If you experience any problems while using Confer Call please inform us so we can fix the problem. All your questions or remarks are welcome and we would love to hear these. Best way is to send us a message at, if we resolved the issue or added the feature you will be the first to know.

I am not able to log in and receive an error: " Mobile phone number is already in use by another member". What should I do?

You may have entered your login credentials in the registration form instead of the login screen. To login press the ‘Sign in’ button on the welcome screen of the Confer Call app. Or you have already used the phone number in a previous registration. To reset the password for this account please press the “Forgot password?” link on the login page and enter your mobile phone number. You will receive an SMS message to reset your password and regain access to your account.

The app shows an error "No internet connection". What should I do?

This message appears when the app cannot connect to the Confer Call system. This can happen when your mobile device is not connected to the Internet. Please check your connection. If your internet connection works fine and the problem persists, please send us a message at, including your mobile phone number (with country code).

The app shows an error "The contact that you selected has no country prefix. Please add it manually and try again". What should I do?

The number of the contact selected for the conference call is not entered in international phone number notation. Please enter the country code of the number and remove any starting zeros.


For example, the American number +1 (900) 891-4116 should be entered as 19008914116.